Destination: Budapest

Nope, it wasn’t me heading to Budapest; just my boyfriend, Kev! And yes, he went a few months ago and I didn’t get the chance to blog about it until now! It seems weird that I wouldn’t have the time to blog about it, but I was intensely studying for my CPA exams and they are finally finished! I’ve definitely missed blogging and I am glad to be back. It was a long six months to say the least.

Kevin was headed to Budapest to start training for his new full-time job and I was determined to assist with his packing. It was my way of getting to experience the happy feelings of traveling abroad when I knew I would be back to the CPA studying after his plane out of Cincinnati departed.

When we started the packing, we originally talked about what type of clothing he should bring based on the weather of Budapest and the dress code for the training. As we progressed further, I nonchalantly started thinking of what food he should pack to have in his suitcase. With my food allergies, this thought process has become so normal for me that I’ve forgotten it is not the same for others! While he questioned it at first, I convinced him to bring a variety of foods – fruit snacks, protein bars, Belvita breakfast bars, candy, and homemade cookies! You just never know when you may be in a pinch and need something to hold you over.

Let’s just say that the food allergy tips helped a lot. He may have left questioning the need for all the food, but he quickly learned how useful it can be. When he came back home from his adventure, most of his treats were eaten and many travel mates were jealous. He savored the homemade cookies throughout the trip and called me each day to report on how many he had left in his stash. There is nothing wrong with having some other foods that remind you of home. For future trips, snacks are a must!

Adventure awaits,


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