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Hello! As a recent college grad, I wish I could tell you I am in full relaxation mode before I start the official full time job. I think I’d be blogging a lot more if that was the case!

Here are the things I’ve been up to:


I had the best time celebrating graduation with my family and friends! As I mentioned in a previous post, my food allergy story was posted in the UC Magazine! It was so fun to have the blog involved and to keep promoting food allergy awareness. I was honored with carrying in the College of Business flag at the ceremony and even was able to sit on the stage with the Presidential party because of my award. It was so awesome!

When I attended various awards ceremonies, I was tickled with how awesome everyone was about food accommodations! At the dinner of my big award, the staff brought me my own Graeter’s Ice Cream dessert because they knew I could safely eat it!


Trip to the beach with my family 

Alright, I’ll admit that this was a relaxing start to my summer! It was great to be down at the beach with my family after all of my graduation festivities and before my hectic summer activities. It was awesome to spend some quality time together with very few responsibilities.

I think my favorite part of going to the beach is getting to try lots of good restaurants! We love going to get burgers and BBQ, but our family favorite is seafood. This one is always tricky for me because of my shellfish allergy! Most restaurants we eat at only have a few items that are “landfood” or seafood other than shellfish. I think it varies by person, but I’ve always felt comfortable at all of the restaurants we eat at. When I talk to the waitstaff or someone from the kitchen, I often find comfort in their responses because they either know answers from experience or are knowledgeable on the subject. I’m always curious to see where others draw their line!


Studying for Exams 

My last activity that I’ve been spending the most time on is studying! Most people aren’t that lucky to be able to study through their summer days! 🙂

I am preparing to taken my CPA exams to pair with my Accounting degree. This certified public accountancy test will well prepare me for my career ahead! I am lucky to not start my full-time job until the fall, so I have a lot of time on my hands to get my studying underway. While it isn’t the most exciting summer, it will be super beneficial!


I think because of my studies, I am not having an itch to travel (at least internationally) at this time. I know that I am staying put in Cincinnati for a while to utilize my time for the exams. I also have gone to Australia, London and Paris in the last 18 months. Whew… a good break! I was just talking and reminiscing with my family about my 17 hour flight to Australia and I don’t have the urge to go again anytime soon! It seems odd to me that I am feeling this way, but I know I want to spend some more time doing domestic traveling for a while!

I am going to work on spending some more time on the blog away from my studies in the coming weeks as a stress outlet!

I hope you all are off to a fun and safe-eating summer!

Adventure awaits,


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    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

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