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Hello! It has been so nice being back in the States for just a little over a week. I know that I love to travel and will continue traveling as much as I possibly can. The thrill of seeking new adventures and locations is so exciting to me!

Since arriving back home from Paris, I quickly jumped back into my normal school routine with studying and homework. It was definitely a quick turnaround! I opted out of sleeping on the plane ride home… I think this is the best trick in the book in terms of getting rid of jet lag!

The most exciting event in Cincinnati since being back home was the annual auction that my mom helps to plan. I was so glad that Paris didn’t overlap with the auction so I could ensure that I was back home in time! The catering staff was incredibly helpful in providing me a safe meal to eat, too.


In terms of my food since being back in Cincinnati, I’ve visited all of my food restaurants that I know are safe for me – Skyline, Qdoba, LaRosa’s, etc. It has also just been really nice eating my normal routine, too. When I say that I ate so much cheese in Paris, it’s the absolute truth. Everyday for lunch I ate cheese and crackers because our partner school couldn’t provide me any other allergy-safe options! The funny thing is I didn’t get rejected from ONE restaurant in Paris for dinner or meals that weren’t provided by school. I found safe foods prepared by genuine people from all over the world who took the time to care for me and my food restrictions! I am thankful to these servers, chefs, and wait staff members who enabled me to gain the full international experience by directing me to safe food options. I guess there will always just have other people who refuse to understand the importance of food allergy awareness no matter how much we try to explain.

I am making it a great week by getting my stomach back to normal and returning to familiar meals. I am also enjoying the opportunity to retell my successful dining stories as I recall the many good people in the Paris restaurants who cared enough to safely share their food culture with me!!

Adventure awaits,


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  1. Carole says:

    Welcome home!! I truly enjoyed reading all your adventures while in Paris! You have a knack for writing and your stories are entertaining! Keep up the good work!

  2. Karen McLaughlin says:

    Glad you’re back safe and had a great time! Love the photo at Setonsation!

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