Paris Day 7


And just like that, I’m on my way home.

It always feels like time is moving at double speed! I’m recapping this from the plane and can’t post until I’m back on the ground in the states.

We were all over city through the afternoon – the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon, and St. Gertrude. We visited the cities boulangerie because everyone was craving some chocolate French sweets.

We had to quickly head over to the Eastern part of the city to the Atletier Lumières. The museum was showing a Van Gogh exhibit – digital screenings of all of his paintings animated on all the walls and floors. So cool!

Right after, my professor and her mom took us on a walking tour of historical Paris because they’ve both lived in Paris. It was impressive to see some of the most expensive real estate in Paris and hidden gems unknown to the tourists!

We ended our dinner at a restaurant called Flouderer. I was initially so nervous because they are very well known for their seafood. Our group ate out together so there was supposed to be a set menu. As I talked to the restaurant manager, he gave me specific dish recommendations that avoid my allergens. Apparently their restaurant got each of their dishes scientifically tested to determine what allergens are present in their foods. Then they have an unannounced inspector every month to ensure that their dishes are prepared to the same standard. I had never heard of that before, but I’m going to look into it a bit more and share.

Adventure awaits,


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