Burgundy Day 5


Good morning and welcome to day 5! I had my favorite day of the trip yet! We took a train ride to the Burgundy region, specifically Beaune. Talk about a beautiful city. I learned about wine all day, visited vineyards to see how the start of this year’s vines, and finished with a wine tasting with regional wines. The region produces white Chardonnay and red Pinot noir. We tried six different tastings and they all were amazing. I’m bringing home some to retry with my family! 🙂

Beaune was just as I imagine France to look like. It was such a drastic change from Paris. It was like a city to countryside difference, maybe LA to Napa? Vineyards were as far as you can see and some people are lucky enough to call it their backyard – jealous! I can’t wait to journey back to Beaune or Burgundy someday!

There is also something to be said for the Paris train system. It’s so baffling to be able to get to another part of their country in an hour and a half via train. While we have trains that leave from Cincinnati, it’s so uncommon to hear of people utilizing them. Such a different life and culture that I love!

My trip is getting down to the last few days. After classes on Thursday, I’m going to do some heavy traveling all over the city to catch the last few items before I head home!

Adventure awaits,


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