A Traveling 'Nut'mare

Paris Day 4

My food experiences took a change for the better today! After yesterday, I knew I could only go up from there.

We started off our day with a visit to the retail store of the luxury brand, Hermés. It was a unique experience to see a store that we are not all that familiar with in Cincinnati! While I didn’t make any purchases today, maybe I’ll come back soon.

We had two lectures at the school surrounding French culture and Branding of Luxury Goods. For lunch, I didn’t have the chance to go to the grocery store so I packed food near and dear to my heart: Skyline. I brought a chili and spaghetti packet and I was eating a taste of home. Amazing!

We went on a river boat cruise at sunset up the Seine River as a group. It was gorgeous outside and gave such a new perspective on the city of Paris.

We ended the night in Latin Quarter at a cute and small French restaurant. They used peanut oil, but our waiter was so knowledgeable and had suggest a fish and sauerkraut meal for me instead. I had a brie cheese plate and tried a little bit of French bread. He was very confident that the bread would be safe for me and I knew I needed to try it before I left for back home!

Adventure awaits,


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