A Traveling 'Nut'mare

Paris Day 3

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to follow along on my journey through Paris! It’s so thoughtful that each of you take a few minutes of your day to keep up with what I’m doing and have an interest in food allergies.

On day 3 in Paris, we started our official school program with the INSEEC Business School. We started by listening to a presentation on their incubator program and the start up culture within France. After lunch, we ended our day with a company visit to a bath and body product company, Merci Handy. They are looking to enter into the US market soon!

The part that is the most important to speak about is the lunch. If I only ever share my triumphs on the blog, a portion of my life would be missing. Sometimes we falter, have a bad day, or get caught in a poor moment. I also think that every traveling experience has a breaking point. It varies for everyone, but at some point we must slow down when things become too much.

We had a planned group lunch through the business school set for today. I had come prepared with Easy Mac in case I wouldn’t be able to eat the food being served. I had a discussion prior to leaving the US that the caterer didn’t believe they could manage my food necessities during the lunches they were providing. I talked to the program coordinator this morning in hopes that an in person conversation could help. She asked that I find alternative foods for lunch because they couldn’t serve me and my needs. I realized that the lunch was being catered and it was chicken, wild rice, and caprese salad. These are all items that I believe I could have eaten. Maybe not the apple pie dessert, but yes to the main course. I instead had my Easy Mac.

I did end up going to the grocery store to get some fresh cheese to eat with my wheat thins. It was quiet delicious and all my classmates wondered what it was and how it tasted! It was filling and satisfying and everything truly worked out.

My breaking point came, though, right when I left to get food. I had pent up emotions of confusion, anger, sadness, unhappiness. I didn’t understand why I was immediately shut down and why they couldn’t help to serve me. This case was proven point that food allergies can be a major isolator within society. Socially, there are so many times that I’ve had extra conversations with the wait staff, provided allergen cards to explain my dietary needs, and eaten something else or nothing at all when I cannot be served safely.

We still have such a lack of knowledge On allergies in this world, even with ever-increasing food allergens. And, I do believe we sometimes must break to grow. ❤️ Keep on with your own food journey. Grow at each rejection and find hope in the people that work to help keep you safe.

The night ended nicely – a walk to a discount luxury brand drugstore, Pharmacie Monge! We past briefly over the Seine and I couldn’t resist a photo.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Adventure awaits,


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