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Paris Day 2

Bonjour! To kick off our day, my group and I grabbed a quick breakfast at our hostel and had a bit of free time before catching the Metro to Versailles. A few of us decided to take a 45 minute walk up the canal right near our hostel to enjoy the Paris morning and stretch our legs! We had a surprise 2 minute hail storm in the middle of our walk! It happened a few times throughout the day and was so different from what we have in Cincinnati.

We headed out to our metro ride to Versailles. I loved getting to see the “suburbs” of France on our way! The Versailles palace was beautiful and majestic. It was similar to what I experienced in Vienna, Austria. I think it’s amazing to see how one country has such rich history and my country is still so young.

In the evening, we hurried to see the Notre Dame before it closed for the night. When we arrived, I realized that a mass held in French was happening and it was so beautiful. I was able to receive communion, too.

We ended the evening at the Eiffel Tower. My goal was to climb the 669 steps to the top, but they had closed at 6 in the evening. I was definitely bummed, but it was very cold so I know it worked out for the best! While the group went to the top, I enjoyed the peace and quiet under the center of the tower. I didn’t expect it to be so massive! FaceTiming with my family and boyfriend made the moment perfect!

For the next few days, I’m head to some classes and company visits!

Adventure awaits,


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