Au revoir!



Today is the day! Time to tackle a new country – France. Tonight I’m boarding my direct flight to Paris and my spring break will officially begin halfway across the world.

Here’s what’s on tap:

  1. Versailles – Everyone I have talked with has mentioned that this is a “must-see” while in Paris. I am so happy my classmates and I get to spend one of our days exploring!
  2. Beaune Wine Country – Another day trip on the books is to a winery in Beaune. We are taking a winery tour and learning about the international strategy of the wine country region.
  3. Hermes – As a part of the Luxury Marketing class studies, we will be visiting the retail establishment of Hermes! While I will just be window shopping and not actually buying, it will be unique to visit a store that normally only accepts shoppers by appointments. I’m hoping to spot a Birkin bag.
  4. The Louvre – The largest art museum in the world is on my list, too. While the Mona Lisa will be crowded and a little tinier than expected, this is a must-see.
  5. Eiffel Tower – The signature of Paris. I can’t wait to see this massive structure up close and in person, but I also can’t wait to climb it. I unexpectedly was unable to get a ticket to the top when my classmates are going, so a few of us are buying cheap tickets to walk the stairs to the second level observation deck. It’s 669 steps, but I’m up for the challenge.
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral – This Catholic Church is located in the heart of the city on the Ile de la Cite. Europe has the greatest and most beautiful churches and I can’t wait to see this one.
  7. Boat ride on the Seine River – This is a highly recommended activity to do by many blogging sites. We are going as a group one evening and I can’t wait to see the city and sunset from a different view.
  8. Musee du Parfum – We are visiting this museum with our class to explore how perfume in France is made! This has come highly recommended by many also and I’m excited to explore their gift shop!
  9. Pere Lachaise Cemetery – Kinda creepy, but this world-famous cemetery holds graves for many famous European figures.
  10. Atelier Lumieres – This museum is showing a Van Gogh exhibit that looks interactive and digital. I can’t wait to roam the rooms of floor to ceiling works by Van Gogh!

I have an entire carry-on bag dedicated to food for my flights and my meals in Paris. I feel confident that I have a wide variety of food options to keep me entertained for 7 days! My hope is that I am pleasantly surprised at the places I am actually able to eat. But I do know my bags will be lighter on the way home if I eat more snacks!

I’m doing some last minute planning today before I am off to the airport later this afternoon! Sending good thoughts that I can sleep the entire plan ride! 😉

Adventure awaits,


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  1. cheryl says:

    I am so happy and excited for you
    My very 1st trip overseas (at the
    Ripe old age of 19) was to Paris
    And to this day I have such
    wonderful memories of that trip
    Have a wonderful time
    Safe Travel

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