A Traveling 'Nut'mare

Prepping for Paris

My travels to Paris are only seven days away! The true countdown is on.

I’m thrilled, but I have been so jammed with tests and activities all week that my planning has been slowed. Up until this week, I’ve been working to find safe food options in Paris when I am with the business school in class and when I have my free time. The journey has been tough – this has already been the hardest travel abroad I’ve had to prepare for yet.

I’ve heard mixed opinions on traveling to Paris with food allergies from so many people. I talk to one professor who says that no one will serve me in France with those kinds of dietary restrictions. I have another French speaker who says that most Parisians speak English and that everything will be fine with my lunches. I then listen to a podcast from a family who has traveled with allergies to Paris and they had many successes visiting the boulangerie (bakery) because they must use a government recipe to make their croissants. Then a French speaker in Cincinnati says that every bakery is family run and they use all sorts of different recipes to make their breads their own. Are you feeling exhausted yet, because I sure am!

I know the trip will be amazing and I have so much to look forward to in the coming week! Food just isn’t my reason for travel and that’s something I have accepted and live with.

I’ll be sharing more details on my food planning and exploring next week!

Au revoir,


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