A Perfect Day

Here’s to the start of a new week and dreaming of a perfect day!

When I was busying my way through my work this morning, my mom sent my family an article relating to a perfect day on Hilton Head Island. We had just been talking about our next trip down to the island this weekend, so it seemed fitting. When I eventually had the chance to scroll through what National Geographic had to say, my own favorite thoughts and memories came flooding back to me about traveling to Hilton Head!

My memories included: waking up to early morning sunrises when the beach is deserted of people, finding sand dollars and starfish along the coast, chasing dolphin down the beach trying to keep up, and my most favorite restaurant, Hudson’s on the Docks. (I wrote a post about HHI food here!)

It’s got me thinking of my love of safe traveling, especially to Hilton Head. It was also a good reminder for me to start considering what safe snacks I will need to bring on my next trip (Paris!) which is only a few weeks away!

I hope you can spend five minutes of your day dreaming about your own favorite 12-mile coast!

Adventure awaits,


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