A Traveling 'Nut'mare

Mini Travels

They always say that traveling brings self confidence. I am a big believer that travel not only brings self confidence but also a little bit of peace of mind. In my opinion, travel is the best way to build up courage and peace when you have food allergies. It can be tough, and a really big challenge, but the success at the end of a trip is so rewarding and plentiful.

Starting with small journeys is a great place to begin this confidence-building experience. When I was a freshman in college, I traveled to Montreal for a few days with my classmates at the end of the school year. It was a great beginning point because it was the first time I was traveling without family, and it was only for a few days. I trained my best friends on how to use the EpiPen, made my allergy translations cards, and we were off to a successful trip!

I don’t think that starting small needs to be traveling solo. It can still be with friends and family, but it is important to start taking charge of your allergy journey. Since my Montreal experience, I have only traveled to and from Chicago once by myself and spent one night alone in Hilton Head in between my friends leaving and family coming. I have been with others on all of my other domestic or international trips and it hasn’t changed my success in confidence-building.

Mini trips, even ones that consist of traveling a few hours away by car, can really make a difference in knowing what you need to prepare longer journeys and for traveling abroad.

I’m excited to head to Columbus for the weekend to visit my boyfriend’s family! Even a short trip to Columbus, Ohio can really put me out of my comfort zone. This short trip, though, helps me to focus on the importance of double checking my preparedness for dealing with my food allergies!

Adventure awaits,


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