My next set of adventures is taking me to….. Paris, France!

I am so fortunate to get to spend my last-ever-spring-break overseas this March! For the semester, I am taking a business course, “Luxury Marketing,” that explores the Parisian culture and style. The luxury marketing piece is of personal interest to me and it helps me finish my Marketing major at school! I am so excited for the adventure!

Since I have never traveled to Paris before, I am in the beginning research phases for my journey. I am excited to buy some travel books and get the planning started for my free time while abroad. My favorite part of the pre-travel process is creating a list of to-dos!

I think the most vital piece of the puzzle, though, comes from determining my best food options. Since I am traveling with my school, I am currently working with my professor and the International program administration to get in contact with our host school, hostel, and farewell dinner location. From my past experiences, being proactive and creating awareness of the allergies always makes for a smoother experience. If we have issues with any of my foods, I would rather identify them while I am still in Cincinnati, not when I arrive in Paris!

I am so thankful for for their help and guidance through my past experiences abroad and this current one. Not only do they have established travel tips, their Facebook forum is incredible. Other travelers with allergies have given me suggestions on the best restaurants to visit while I am away that will be best suited to take care of my food needs. Just look at this yummy spot, Restaurant Le Poulbot, that Kortney shared with me on her blog, AllergyGirlEats! There is nothing better than creating a safe travel experience ahead of time.

I am looking forward to furthering my research and sharing my findings as I prepare for Paris!

Adventure awaits,


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  1. Kortney says:

    Kendall! I am so happy that you can a great experience in Paris and that you went to Le Poulbot. I LOVE that place! My first memory of eating in France is there 😀

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