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Top 10 After School Snacks

You know that feeling when you get home from school/classes and feel like it’s time to treat yo self? That’s me every day! In honor of school inching closer and closer for me, I’ve rounded up my top 10 favorite after school snacks, some healthy and some maybe not. No particular order to show you that I love all snacks equally.

  1. Kraft Snack Trios – I found these a couple months ago and they are so good! I even featured them for a bit on my “Currently Craving” page. It’s almost like you’re getting triple the snacks! My favorite trio is cheese, waffles, and strawberries. Contains milk, wheat and soy.
  2. Fresh fruit – You can never go wrong here, but I think I choose fruit now more than I did as a kid. There’s nothing better than a bowl of mixed berries with some whipped cream on top! Whip cream contains milk. Fruit is top 8 allergy free.
  3. Frozen Hershey bars – If you’ve never tried eating Hershey’s this way, I’d highly recommend. This was my ultimate go-to snack and sometimes the best surprise to find when opening the freezer. I always got the classic size because the jumbo and minis have nut allergy warnings! Contains milk and soy.
  4. SkinnyPop Popcorn – Remember the popcorn bandwagon like 3 years ago where it seemed like popcorn was the new thing? This one easily became my family’s favorite. Not a huge fan of the flavored popcorns, but the original is the perfect snack. Free of top 8 allergens.
  5. Chips and salsa – Such a classic snack for me. I’m obsessed with all different kinds of salsa – the most unique was cherry salsa my mom’s friend brought home from Michigan! Free of top 8 allergens.
  6. Homefree cookies – Honestly not sure what these cookies can be made out of because there’s nothing in them! They avoid all top 8 allergens and still taste delicious! They are easy on-the-go and are individually packaged! Free of top 8 allergens.
  7. Hershey Cookie Layer Crunch – Another Hershey favorite, these are the perfect size and are so good! You get three Hershey squares filled with chocolate, caramel, or mint crunchies. I’ve yet to try the mint, it’s next on the list. Contains milk, soy, and wheat.
  8. Grippo’s BBQ Chips – This is a Cincinnati-made snack that I’ve always loved! It falls on the spicy side but it’s a good competition to see how many you can eat before having to hurry and get a drink! Free of top 8 allergens.
  9. Kroger Sherbet Ice Cream – There’s nothing better than ice cream during the day. Whenever I have a leftover pint of ice cream, it’s always my next-day-after-class snack. I just discovered that Kroger has fat-free sherbet and it’s so good! It’s an “ice cream” that I always forget about! I’d highly recommend the orange and pineapple. Contains milk.
  10. Cascadian Farm granola bars – These organic granola bars are one of the few left that are allergy friendly. They remind me of when I used to eat Quaker granola bars, which are one of the few things I really miss (M&M’s and Almond Joys would be at the tippy top of the “most missed” list). Free of top 8 allergens.

If I missed any of your favorites, let me know!

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