Keep Trying New Things

Keep trying new things. Keep trying new things. I feel like that mantra is on a constant repeat in my head. As I have mentioned before, my goal is to try new things so that I don’t feel constrained by my allergies!

Even after vacationing in Hilton Head so many times and my family having some favorite restaurants in mind, we always try out at least one new restaurant each trip. This time, we headed to the south end of the island to try The Black Marlin, a seafood restaurant and met with tons of allergy success!

I think one of the most important pieces to ensure an allergy-safe meal is to make a connection. I swear by the fact that you need to have a good starter conversation with your waiter or waitress before you order. In the back of my mind, there is always a chance that my allergies might not be relayed correctly to the chef. Last night, the connection I made was that my server also had a nut allergy! She understood my concerns and how it can feel to go to a new restaurant. She verified the safety of my meal choice, and she even made sure the complimentary bread was safe for me to eat!

My meal was a Sweet Chili Thai Salmon which was brought out separately from the rest of my family’s meals. Attention to details, such as these, always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and I always know everything is going to be good to go.

The message I’m spreading this afternoon is to keep trying new things because sometimes you might find the best dining experience of your entire vacation.

A below average picture of an above average meal. 🙂

Adventure awaits,


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