Back to Wayback (Too Many Times)

Hey y’all. I’m still spending some quality time at the beach and the pool down on Hilton Head Island. If you’ve read about some of my vacations prior to this one, you know that Hilton Head is a frequent travel destination.

When I was younger, our first meal on the island was always Fuddruckers, a burger chain located near our house. We don’t have one in Cincinnati, so it always felt like it was an island restaurant to me. When it closed, I was so disappointed! We dabbled with some other burger restaurants on the island but nothing could really compare to that Fudd’s burger I remembered from my childhood. In May, my mom and I decided to try a newer burger restaurant on the island – Wayback Burgers. We’ve since discovered this restaurant is also a chain and there is a location just north of my city in West Chester. Huge win!

I’ve gone to Wayback Burgers three days in a row now, which may be bordering on excessive. The first night we ate dinner there and the next two days we’ve taken a break from the beach for milkshake happy hour! I’d claim it’s the best milkshake on the island. 🙂

I’m so lucky to have found Wayback because there are no worries for my allergies. No nuts or shellfish are found in their burgers or milkshakes. It’s actually a dream come true that they don’t have a peanut butter/Reese’s milkshake. I’m living it up for as long as my vacation lasts!!

Adventure awaits,


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