Burger Week = Allergy Safe!


Cincy Burger Week

In Cincinnati, this past week was dubbed Cincinnati Burger Week. Basically, tons of partner restaurants all over the city select one of their burgers to sell for $5. I love it because I can try new restaurants at an easy price. This is the second year I’ve participated and there was no disappointment. I obviously love a good burger – 1) because it’s delicious and 2) because there usually isn’t an allergy issue! I went to three burger restaurants in the Cincinnati area, two participating in burger week and one chain restaurant.

My first stop was Ladder 19 in Clifton with their Ragin’ Cajun burger. I went to Smashburger in Northern Kentucky and ordered the Spinach, Cucumber and Goat Cheese burger. I finished up my week at Sammy’s Craft Burgers & Beers in Blue Ash with the Fretboard Beer Cheese Burger. I’m happy to report that all three of these restaurants had safe fried side options. The most challenging part of going to a burger place is concern over not being able to top my meal off with some delicious fries. So often the oil restaurants are frying in or just what other foods they are frying in the same spot may contain an allergen!

Sammy’s was a new place for my family. We don’t typically venture to Blue Ash, but we were pumped when we gave them a call and they gave us the ok to allergen-free experience. I LOVE it when restaurants take responsibility to prepare food cleanly!

I didn’t end up taking pictures of all my burgers, but I’m already excited for burger week round 3. To all my allergy friends, keep trying new things!

Adventure awaits,


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