Doscher’s Candy Canes



Since recently winning the Doscher’s sea salt caramel candy cane contest last week, my mom had mentioned the idea of RSVPing for a tour of the Doscher’s factory. I was fortunate to have both July 4 and July 5 off for work and it seemed like the perfect chance to do so. My mom ended up booking tickets for her, my grandma and me and we made a morning/afternoon out of it.

They really opened all the doors to the Doscher’s factory. Our tour group was able to see the making of candy canes from start to finish. One batch made 2,400 candy canes and each candy cane is always unique because of being handmade. I loved watching the warm candy cane mixture being hand formed into their hook shape and individually packaged! This process makes me appreciate their candies so much more. Believe me when I say that these are the best candy canes you’ll ever have.


They gave us so many fresh samples, too! From the batch we watched being made, we all took home a warm-off-the-press candy cane. Doscher’s is also very famous for their taffy, French Chews. We were able to sample  some of their new test flavors and took home a classic vanilla French Chew. Mine of course is already gone.

We stopped by the gift shop afterwards to pick up some of our favorite treats for friends and family. My mom, grandma, and I grabbed lunch at a restaurant we’ve never been before. It was the perfect holiday staycation!

Adventure awaits,


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  1. Carole Gilbert says:

    Thank you for sharing your tour! Sounds like a sweet trip!

  2. jlcappel says:

    So much fun!! We will have to bring Dad the next time! Love Doscher’s!!

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