Weekends Are Sweet


I hope your Monday is off to a sweet start! I wanted to boast a little bit about the small victories I had this weekend in regards to the most challenging part of allergies… dessert.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a major obsession with contests. I’m constantly tagging my sister and mom in Instagram and Facebook contests trying to win anything and everything. To date, I’ve won free shoes, a handbag, a daily planner, leggings, etc. This week, I found out that I won free Doscher’s sea salt caramel candy canes. First off, Doscher’s is a favorite Cincinnati brand of mine because they are nut free. Second, their candies are so delicious and totally addictive! My family has to avoid the candy aisle in the grocery in fear of buying too many French Chews. I’m heading to a Doscher’s factory tour in a few weeks and can’t wait to share the experience! Their candy canes are amazing – I can’t wait to try their other flavors!


I had the chance to catch up with many good friends this weekend, which always makes me feel so happy! My friend and I decided to grab ice cream after dinner at Zip Dip, a Cincinnati westside favorite. I typically go for the plain soft serve because it’s safe and easy. The workers were so sweet on Saturday night and offered to get me sprinkles from the back storage to avoid cross contamination. Small wins are the best wins! Sprinkles really made my night!


I’m still on a weekend high which means this week HAS to rock. I hope yours does, too!

Adventure awaits,


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