Allergies Aren’t the Bees Knees



Even though we are already halfway through another week, I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! My family’s weekend was full of meal prepping,

My family spent lots of time together, especially on Sunday. We meal prepped, cleaned cars, swam at the pool all before going out to eat with my grandparents. While we were hanging out at the swim club, my sister was stung by a bee! For some reason, I feel like just little kids actually get stung by bees…

Anyway, she was swimming in the pool and felt the sting right on her shoulder. I thanked her for taking one for the team because I probably would have had a huge reaction to it. My parents got her some ice to minimize the small hive and we went on her way.

It wasn’t until the next day that she was at work and it started really itching. She ended up having to leave work to go get allergy medicine and cream from the store! To me, it almost seemed like a delayed allergic reaction. I don’t know much about bee sting allergies myself because I avoid them like the plague. Does anyone else know if this is a normal reaction to stings or an allergic reaction? It seems odd that it was so delayed but the itchiness and hotness she felt is similar to what I’ve experienced with my food allergies.

Stay safe out there, kids! Avoid your known and potential allergies!

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  1. Carole Gilbert says:

    That is strange. My husband is allergic to bee stings and the reaction is almost instant. Sometimes the reaction is not as severe. Depends on the type of bee and the sting itself.

    1. Ah, interesting! She hasn’t been diagnosed with an official allergy, but it seemed like a strange reaction. Online it seems like the reactions typically happen instantly or 7-10 days later.

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