Searching for New Restaurants!




I feel like I am in such a restaurant rut! It’s great to have a list of a number of restaurants that are safe options for me to eat at, but it is sometimes really difficult on the variety! I woke up this morning completely craving Asian cuisine. First, it’s strange because until London, I didn’t think Asian restaurants were really an option for me. Second, I never crave any type of food during breakfast time.

I texted my mom on the way to work to see if we can find an allergy-friendly Asian restaurant in Cincinnati, but I just don’t think there is one. (If you know of a suggestion, even anywhere in the Midwest, please let me know!!) My mom researched some recipes and even found the wagamama cookbook on Amazon. (Score!) If I could fly to London or New York or Boston every weekend for wagamama, I would.

I don’t think this is the only time I’ve had a food craving since going nut and shellfish free. It happens especially with sweets all the time. I don’t actually know how to pull myself out of one!!

I’m looking for some ways you handle your own food ruts? Is this only an issue for me? HELP!

Adventure awaits,


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