Walnut Study at CCHMC


Last week I participated in another research study. It was a Walnut Syrup Study at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. After contacting the Doctor and selecting an enrollment date, I officially signed up for my third research study!

This was a unique study that was being administered by a Cincinnati Doctor who had a grove of walnut trees on his property. While his son, and many of us, are allergic to walnuts, he didn’t know if we would also be allergic to its syrup. He sent the syrup for testing and it showed no signs of allergens. So, that is how this research test came to be!

Below is my skin prick test showing histamine, saline, walnut and walnut syrup pricks. I’m not severely allergic to walnuts, just a slight allergy. I ended up having no reaction to the syrup! And it was delicious!

IMG_3150 (1)

If you are interested in getting involved in research studies, find out more information here.

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  1. Carole Gilbert says:

    Great news for you! Thanks for sharing!

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