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When I go back and read some of my past blog posts, the ones from airplane rides are always my favorite. It’s usually my most raw emotions mixed with a little sleep deprivation and nervousness. A few weeks ago, my post was written on the flight home from Savannah and this one on my way to my layover in Toronto.

Whenever I travel internationally, thoughts about my plane experiences, specifically airplane foods, are always top of mind. However, since my visits are so infrequent, I tend to forget what it’s like to fly for so long with the food options provided.

I think all international airlines have come a long way in being receptive to multiple dietary restrictions and preferences. You’ll never be on a flight without a vegetarian option and gluten-free is becoming more readily available. It’s awesome because it makes the flight a whole lot easier for everyone.

In my experiences, I don’t always feel like the options are all that concerned about my food allergies. I always call ahead and add my allergies to my existing reservations. I’ve never had the opportunity to order an allergen-free meal, avoiding products that may contain nuts. For instance, the vegetarian pasta was prone to all allergens and the granola bar had a nut warning. The plane snack, a veggie marinara wrap had a nut warning.

I’m fortunate to be able to bring my own snacks on all of my flights so I’m not necessarily missing out on eating. While in London, we stopped at the grocery store right before heading to the airport. I think this post is more of a “call-out” to airlines to be aware of people traveling with the most common food allergies! These days, the safe option is to slap an allergy warning on every label for all common allergies. What good does that do for anyone? Rather than being helpful to allergy sufferers, it is a blanket coverage to avoid lawsuits.

For now, I’m going to watch my fourth movie and enjoy my complimentary glass of wine… luckily no allergy label on that one! Cheers to more allergy education and breaking down the allergy barriers on airplanes.

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