I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Rice Cream!


Team, am I right?! Not joking, I went to some of the COOLEST food places in London this past week.

My sister was awesome and did some allergy research before she left to meet me in London. She came up with all sorts of places that could cater to my allergies. I also would highly recommend the Allergy Travels Facebook page. (If you’re interested, you can join the group here.) I happened to catch a post about someone else traveling to London and other group members were able to provide some great recommendations.

The first fun food find was named Yorica! Somehow this incredible ice cream was nut, gluten, and dairy free. There are lots of other ingredients, like rice, that made the ice cream so delicious. I wish I could either have the recipe, or have Yorica! open a location in Cincinnati!


One word: Wagamama. I haven’t eaten at an Asian restaurant since diagnosed with my food allergies in seventh grade. It’s super difficult to enjoy this cuisine because of the threat of cross contamination and potential issues with the language barrier. This restaurant was so amazing, I went twice! Trying new foods while out of the country is so hard, but Wagamama gave me the opportunity to safely step out of my comfort zone! 10/10. Again, please come to Cincinnati.


Meghan and I tried British meat pies (very similar to what I had in Australia), some German cuisine, and lots of Italy’s finest pizza. The best of Europe was had.

Eating safely felt pretty easy in London!! I know I’ll be back for more rice cream and Wagamama soon…

Adventure awaits,


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