Royal Weddings, Philly Chilli Cheese Dogs, Etc.


Yep, that title about sums it up! My time in London has been a royal dream!

I arrived in London the morning of the royal wedding! While I didn’t get to catch up with my friends, Meghan and Harry, I put on my fascinator and watched them on TV at a local bar while eating some greasy nachos. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way (unless I would have snagged an invite)!

We’ve hit many of the touristy sights as you can imagine – the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard View, Abbey Road, Platform 9 3/4, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and every telephone booth you can imagine. Big Ben is under construction so I also got a good glimpse of lots of scaffolding! 🙂


From a food perspective, I felt more comfortable heading to London than most other places because it is one of the most similar to US culture. I haven’t encountered too many issues yet which is great! Surprisingly, there have been a times where it was hard to find a restaurant willing to serve me, but the language barrier hasn’t been an issue. It is more that restaurants don’t want to take the risk of severe allergies!

I have to give major props to the ‘A Team’ that traveled with me for the first leg of the trip. These ladies were so kind about all the foods and helped make sure I could eat at the same restaurants as them. They were amazing (and very, very patient)! One night, we went to at least ten different restaurants in the Notting Hill area before finding one that could serve me. Small mom and pops lead to small kitchens! The Electric Bar quickly became one of my favorite places in London so I just had to get a picture with the chef! He sat down at our table and checked yes or no to each menu item. I ended up with a Philly Chilli Cheese Dog which, in my opinion, was the most unique on the menu.

There are more sights to be seen and more food to be eaten. Updates to follow again (much sooner!)

Adventure awaits,


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