Airport Struggles Are Real

We are happily beaching on HHI! The true calm before the storm…

This one goes out to my airplane traveling peeps. You would think I’d have airport traveling down pat, but this week proved that answer to be a big “NO, try again later.”

My mom and I were prepared to fly home from Hilton Head yesterday, in order for me to catch my flight to London today. Everything was cleaned, packed and ready to go, and we left extra early to head to the Savannah Airport. When we look back now, we were as happy as can be, laughing at every small pinch coming our way (heavily pouring down rain, can’t get out of the gas station parking lot, lots of love bugs mating all over the car, etc.). Then the punches came a little too hard and we can insert my breakdown.

We had dropped off the rental car and started walking into the airport terminal when I randomly wondered if I had packed my wallet. Checked my bag and it was no where to be found. This is the single most important item I needed not only for my flight home to Cincinnati, but also the flight to London…. Full-on heavy breathing and internal crying started when we knew we couldn’t get back on the island and back to the airport in less than 2 hours. The flight was departing in an hour and a half. My mom started to make the trek as I searched for other (realllllly expensive) flights. I called my grandpa thinking my mom and I were going to have to make the 11 hour drive home. Miraculously, my mom remembered that we went out shopping in the rental car the night before and my wallet was in the glove compartment. We flipped that car around, made it through airport security in 10 minutes, and beat the plane to the gate.

While I’m typically worried about having all of my allergy medications, let it be known that you should check to make sure you have ALL of your items. 🙂 I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I’m happy to say we were meant to be on that Allegiant flight.

Thank you to my mom for her calm demeanor and incredible driving, my sister for searching for flights and other pathways to get Home to Cincinnati while also making sure my mom and I were calm. Thank you to my grandparents for listening to me cry, supporting me, and reminding me that the only important thing is that we were both okay. And my dad for reminding us to drive the rental car the day before (otherwise my wallet would have been in the car in Hilton Head!) and making sure we left for the airport early.

Keep calm my friends!

Adventure awaits,


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