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Food Allergies

Hello! I’m here to wish you all a happy Food Allergy Awareness Week! It’s crazy to even say that… the importance in spreading awareness for food allergies is at a GLOBAL level. We’ve made incredible strides over the years raising awareness, but I think it’s been gaining stamina over the last few years. The number of children being diagnosed with food allergies is at an all-time high and the need to spread the word is vital.

I’m happy to call myself a food allergy advocate every day. Whether it’s through blogging, talking with friends, ordering at a restaurant, or planning a trip, allergies are bound to come up. I think it’s important to have the conversation, even when it’s hard, than to not have it  at all.

I’ve spent the past week at the beach (lucky me!) with my gluten allergic cousin. While it usually seems like we can eat the opposite foods of one another, it was interesting to be living with someone else with severe allergies. While we end up with different reactions, we were in the same boat at restaurants when talking to servers about safe options. I think we both learned a lot about the opposite allergies from our own… a learning experience for all! Side note – talk about one high maintenance party of 2!!!

This week, be sure to wear your teal in support of food allergies! You might notice some famous buildings (like the Empire State Building), changing their up lights to teal! What an impact! My hope is that one day the famous buildings and signs in Cincinnati will also turn teal. Maybe that’s my newest challenge!

Adventure awaits,


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  1. Carole Gilbert says:

    Thank you Kendall for bringing this issue to the
    front of the line. We too have a nut allergy person in our family. When dining with her, I have to admit how lucky I am to not have to worry so much about what I order when dining out.

    Thanks again for all the information you share!

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