On My Allergy Radar


Welcome to Friday! In Cincinnati, we’ve finally started to get some nice weather and I’ve been able to spend some quality time outside with friends. I’m just gutting it out in terms of seasonal allergies… my daily Allegra just doesn’t seem to be working! In fact, I just read that the today’s pollen count in Cincinnati was the highest it’s been in 17 years! Anyone else struggling with seasonal allergies?

Here’s what I’ve seen this week for allergy news:

A Different Perspective On What It Is Like To Travel With A Peanut Allergy

I found this interesting article written by Jessica Pan talking about her experiences traveling with food allergies. She is very adventurous, traveling to much “riskier” places than I have, which is inspiring! She brings up an interesting point in learning the appropriate word for “peanut” in the language of the country she is visiting. While I will always have allergy cards, I’ve never memorized a phrase in various languages to explain my allergies. That is definitely I tip I will use in the future!

Tsk Tsk, Kevin James

In a recent episode of a comedy show on Netflix starring Kevin James, allergies were a hot topic. People who are lactose intolerant, gluten-free, or have nut allergies seem to be very “annoying” to Mr. James. He’s quoted saying, “If I eat a nut, I die. I die! If a fork ever touches a nut in this restaurant, and I use that fork, you gotta jab an EpiPen into my chest ‘cause I am on my way to the afterlife.”

This is a good reminder that allergies indeed can be FATAL and severe food allergies are a physical disability as defined by the ADA. If we are living in a world where everyone should be politically correct, then let’s be PC about this, too.

Allergy Kid is Not a “Sufferer”

I love the positive spin this mom and daughter have put on allergies. The daughter, Violet, is not an allergy SUFFERER! She is more than just her food allergies! While they still take precautions, allergies have not burdened their family and they have learned to roll with the punches. I try to have this same mentality with my own allergies. Violet’s article is close to my heart… she is currently in Phase 3 of testing for Viaskin’s peanut patch. I was a participant in Phase 2 of this exact study but unfortunately didn’t qualify for the next Phase!

Wherever you are in the world, I hope the weather is turning more favorable for the weekend, maybe even with some better quality, allergen-free air!

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