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In case you’ve missed the news these past few weeks, EpiPens are at all time shortage globally. (Cue: I got 99 problems and EpiPens are definitely one.)

Mixed signals are coming from all over, though. It seems that the shortage is impacting other countries (aka Canada, the UK, and Australia) more than the US, but consumers have still reported scarcities of Epis at local pharmacies. A website named reached out to Mylan and Pfizer, two pharmaceutical companies a part of the EpiPen supply chain, for comment about the situation. Pfizer noted that they are still producing and shipping EpiPens and the product availability varies by location. The FDA hasn’t stated that there is an EpiPen shortage in the US. I think it still something to be cautious of if you are an EpiPen user. Check your expiration dates and call your local pharmacy! This potential shortage does not affect Kaelo’s Auvi-Q, which I typically purchase.

This seems to be all bad timing for Mylan… Last Friday, Mylan laid off 500 employees in Morgantown, West Virginia for no known reason. That’s 15% of their workforce. (I might have 99 problems, but Mylan has more.)

Back to a serious note, stay cautious of how much time is left until expiration on your Epis. In case of more outages in the US, you don’t want to be left without your lifesaving meds.

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  1. Carole Gilbert says:

    Thank you! My husband is an epi user. I will check the ex dates myself and have the dr send a new RX to our pharmacy!

    Safe travels!

    1. I didn’t know your husband had allergies! Yes, be sure to get those refills sent!

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