When Traveling to GA…


To be honest, I wrote and rewrote this post a few times before actually posting. It is the struggle I’ve found to sharing negative thoughts publicly through the blog. Is it too negative? While I hope it is not, I’ve decided it to be best to post about my recent struggles with traveling. And let’s face it, on any trip, there is always bound to be at least one breakdown.

A business trip to Georgia was the source of my struggles. During this trip, I found out that it is sometimes harder to travel to places in the United States than it is abroad. Georgia, you are one tough peach. My struggle started because I was in a small town about 45 minutes out of Atlanta. Fortunately or unfortunately, there were very few allergy-safe places to eat… let’s just say I was only there for four nights and two of my dinners were Chipotle and two were Subway. Subway isn’t ever a top choice of mine. I struggle to find comfort in their food practices based on my past experiences and those of allergy sufferers I know. It was a trusting experience and I couldn’t wait to get out.

Next, the ENTIRE town was obsessed with one other restaurant called the dwarf house. Cute on the outside, terrorizing on the inside. This is a Chick-fil-a add-on restaurant and I believe it to be only located in Georgia (don’t fact check me). Again, because of their use of peanut oil in everything, it’s going to be hard to convince me to eat there, especially when I am alone and traveling without my family. I made the call to avoid it all week, but did snap a picture with the beloved dwarf house.


But wait, there‚Äôs more….the grand finale. It was my last night in the small town and to celebrate making it safely through the week, I drove 15 minutes to Coldstone Creamery. This is a safe choice for me in my hometown because they will scoop ice cream from the freezer to avoid cross-contamination. However, when my GPS took me to a Coldstone in a gas station parking lot, I knew I was bound for issues. Needless to say, I got the bounce back from the employee because the ice cream from the back was too hard to serve. I think this was the millionth sign that my time in small town Georgia needed to end quickly.

Lots of trials and tribulations on this trip for sure, but I sure was happy to get home! Celebrate those wins and forget the losses.

Adventure awaits,



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  1. Carole Gilbert says:

    I just love the way you write. I thank your dad every time I see an email from you! I know it will be entertaining! Keep up the great work!

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