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Traveling to a Seafood Capital

For the past 21 years, I’ve been traveling with my family to arguably one of the best vacation spots on the planet (in my opinion) – Hilton Head Island. I’ve been so many times, I think I’ve eaten at the restaurants in Hilton Head more than the restaurants in Cincinnati! 😉 My favorite parts of vacations to Hilton Head include relaxing on the private beach, swimming laps at the pool, and shopping at the best southern stores. I think my family members would say their favorite is the fresh seafood for dinner!

Growing up, I always stuck to the land food options, opting to try bites of the seafood my parents ordered. I can remember trying she crab soup and clam chowder always thinking my shellfish tastes just hadn’t quite developed. Fast forward to knowing about the shellfish allergy, you would think it would be difficult for me to travel to an island solely focused around seafood and shellfish.

Over the years, it has actually been relatively easy for me! I’ve only had one minor reaction while in Hilton Head needing no significant medical attention and we now know just avoid that specific restaurant. While I typically cannot get fried foods due to the cross contamination in the fryer, there are tons of seafood and land food options for me to eat! On this trip to HHI alone, I had mahi mahi and vegetable pasta, pizza, smoked pulled pork, baby back ribs, veggie coconut curry, and Atlantic cod. Can’t get much better than that!

Some tips I can offer if you are traveling south to the beach –

Outside of my favorite seafood restaurants on the island – Hudson’s!

Eating bbq from the smoker at one of Hilton Head’s newest restaurants, Skull Creek Dockside. Of course the south does it best.

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