One With Neature

In case you’ve missed some of my pictures, I spent A LOT of time with nature. Considering I’ve never camped in my life, and I’m allergic to all things outdoors (😂), it’s been an impressive feat!

I think the most important piece in preparing to come to Australia was thinking ahead to the weather. I knew it was summertime and my warmer weather clothes were a must. But as a seasonal allergy sufferer, I really needed to plan ahead my allergy medication. I take Allegra daily, but can usually stop for a few weeks or months after the first frost in Cincinnati. Allegra takes a few days to kick in, so it was important for me to begin taking it about a week in advance. It was a lifesaver!

Now, for the neature pictures: kangaroos, koalas, Tasmania King Crab, penguins, birds, the aquarium. You name it, I probably did it! Enjoy the pics!

Tasmania King Crab.JPG
A $600 Tasmania King Crab at the Sydney Fish Market
SeaLife Aquarium.JPG
Visiting the Sydney SeaLife Aquarium
Feeding one of the many kangaroos at the Wildlife Park. These kangaroos weren’t required to stay in cages so they were hopping all over the park!
We saw lots of baby penguins on the St. Kilda pier in Melbourne. I’m not sure who was shivering more – me or them!
Cooper Koala.JPG
Cooper, the koala
Unicorn Birds.JPG
Exotic unicorn-looking birds on the Great Ocean Road tour! Tried to selfie with them but they weren’t really having it.

Adventure awaits,


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