T-Bone Is All You Need

As I’ve mentioned before, food is always the hardest and most stressful piece of traveling. To the outsider’s eye, it seems like food allergies shouldn’t be as difficult as we may make them.

Last night, I was headed to the Sydney Opera House and a small group of us were going to eat dinner prior to the opera, The Messiah. We stopped by three outdoor restaurants along the Harbour and couldn’t find one to serve me!! It was insane. On the last attempt, we ended up at a restaurant that agreed they could find a few menu items that I could eat. As I spoke with my waitress, the options were listed on their steak menu. Ha!

I think an important lesson that food allergies taught me is that when a menu item is safe, just order it!

Cheers to the most delicious T-bone steak I’ve had in Australia!

Happy to note that The Messiah was the most beautiful opera I’ve ever seen. It certainly was surreal sitting in the Sydney Opera House! To fulfill all of my high school hopes and dreams, it seems like The Globe Theatre MUST be the next place I’m headed!

Adventure awaits,


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