Soaring, Flying


I’m sitting on the plane writing this and it’s the morning in Cincinnati, but the middle of the night in Australia. I can’t really wrap my head around it because it’s been pitch black since hopping on the flight almost 13 hours ago. Talk about being disoriented!

Qantas did a great job in terms of allergies on the way over. Of course, I pre-boarded my long flight and headed on back to seat 77C to wipe down my new home for the next 17 hours. The coolest part? I didn’t notice at first, but a girl in 77H was doing the same thing! She said hello and asked right away if I also had allergies. It was coincidental but comforting as we embarked on our journey. The food packaging on Qantas pre-made meals weren’t labeled with detail so I couldn’t eat them. Their packaged snacks all had peanut and treenut warnings. I think I didn’t mind too much about the food because I ate a Fuddrucker’s burger before we left!

I talked to the flight attendant about popular beer tours in Sydney and Melbourne. While she didn’t know any specifics, she told me about the main beers that people drink. We were able to try a popular Australian craft beer, James Boag’s, which is made in Tasmania.


As I mentioned, the flight was SO long. Spencer and I looked it up before we left – we took the fourth longest flight in the world… We both kind of agreed we wouldn’t be back very often unless our seats magically moved to first class! 😉 I also have noted that I will never complain about the length of another flight again. Something about this experience was very humbling.

There may have been some loud tears from other passengers and a bit of turbulence right as I was falling asleep, but overall the customer service from Qantas was spectacular and I can’t wait to spend the day in Australia!

Adventure awaits,


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