Making a List and Checking It Twice

Making a List.jpeg

Today is the day! I’ve spent a good portion of the last 48 hours prepping for the trip. Finalizing a Sydney itinerary, packing some clothes, buying snacks, and finding activities to keep me entertained for the next 24 hours. It was exhausting!

If all flights are on time, I will land in Sydney early Sunday morning (this equates to Saturday afternoon in Cincinnati). I’ll be checking in on social media and the blog as frequently as I can.

As to what I’m bringing, here’s a list of a few essentials:

  • 4 AuviQs
  • Sunscreen and a wide-brim hat – it’s summertime in Australia. I’m prepped for 70-80 degree weather!
  • Allergy necklace
  • Two travel books
  • Surface Pro – have to be able to blog!
  • A good attitude!

Adventure awaits,



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  1. Grandma Eileen says:

    Have a great trip. You know we will be thinking about you 24 seven. Enjoy every minute and come back with lots to share with us. You are the first to go to Australia so we will be excited to talk to you when you get back home. Love you lots, Grandma Eileen

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