On My Allergy Radar

With Thanksgiving drawing nearer, food is a top priority in many minds. It’s definitely something I’m thinking about! I’m looking forward to a nut-free and shellfish-free Thanksgiving with my family and a few days off of school. That leaves just two weeks until I’m jetting off to Australia.

Here’s what’s up this week with allergy news.

Traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday?

As always, FARE’s resources are super helpful when traveling domestically or internationally. If you suffer from food allergies, don’t forget to use the FARE website to be sure you’ve brought everything that you need with you and you’re prepared for smooth traveling.

Food Allergic NYC Barista Opens Up About Cross-Contamination 

For me, I’ve never considered working in the food service industry due to my severe allergies. This article talks about a girl with allergies who worked in a NYC coffee shop this summer who got a firsthand look at the improper food handling at her job. The cross-contact between all of their bakery goods is scary and she warns allergy-sufferers to always state your allergies at any food service restaurant. When I go to local or chain coffee shops, I typically only order drinks because I know it’s safe for me compared to baked goods and sandwiches!

How To Deal With Food Allergy Bullying

I’d highly recommend watching the video below which I found in the article raising awareness on food allergies. Food allergy bullying is real and 5.9 million kids suffer from allergies. Do your part in spreading the word about the severity of food allergies! This video definitely touches my younger self.

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