Forbes 30 Under 30

You might read this blog title and think, “What? How does that have anything to do with her blog?” Fortunately, I had a friend point out the release of Forbes 30 Under 30 categories to me yesterday and as she was scrolling, Scott Sundvor caught her eye. Most likely, your second thought probably is, “Who is Scott Sundvor?” At the time, I didn’t know either.


Introducing 27 year-old Scott Sundvor, cofounder of Nima and a Forbes 30 Under 30 Consumer Technology recipient. To say he is deserving of this recognition would be an understatement. With some quick research, I found out that Nima is a portable gluten sensitive food tester. Insert a small piece of the meal and real-time results appear to say if it is a safe food option for a gluten-intolerant individual. While they currently only have a tester for gluten, a peanut tester should be available in 2018. They are looking to expand to other allergies as well.

This video gives some good insights as to how the tester works:

I think Nima hits a major goal right on the head – providing a safe environment for allergy sufferers in any social situation. Today, it seems that almost all activities and events revolve around food! Nima is taking us one step closer to creating normal human interaction for allergy sufferers.

Now… here’s to nine more years of my eligibility to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list! Ha! 😉

Adventure awaits,


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