A Look Into Auvi-Q

After my post on Monday and selection of the Auvi-Q epinephrine injector over the EpiPen epinephrine injector, I tweeted the link to the article on my personal Twitter page. While I didn’t think anything of it at the time, a Vice President from Kaléo, the company that owns Auvi-Q, reached out to me. We spoke yesterday about the history of Auvi-Q, logistics of the injector itself, along with multiple other questions I had about the company. It was a refreshing conversation that provided me with the much needed details I was missing. I would be remissed not to say that I had some of the history incorrect in my last post and I am grateful that it has been clarified. It solidifies my decision even more that Auvi-Q is the product that I think is the best.

First, kudos to Kaléo for choosing to reach out to me in regards to my blog within one day of the post. Their engagement with consumers is unbeatable.

The two creators of Auvi-Q sold off the rights to the product to a pharmaceutical company called Sanofi. When the 2015 voluntary recall happened, Sanofi decided to no longer continue producing the Auvi-Q and they resold the rights back to the original founders. Those founders, Eric and Evan, own Kaléo. As I talked to the contact from Kaléo, I learned that after the Sanofi recall, Kaléo automated the entire Auvi-Q manufacturing process to ensure no mistakes. There are over 100 product checks throughout the production cycle!

I’d highly recommend watching this manufacturing video: See How the Auvi-Q is Made.

Another important piece of information I learned is that the founders and their children all have life-threatening allergies. I really find this to be so important. When the cause is personal, it makes a huge difference in everything from product success on the market to functionality and usability.

I’m interested to see the new technologies that Kaléo continues to develop.

Adventure awaits,


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  1. Ashley says:

    How incredible that they reached out to you, and did so that quickly! Social media is incredible in times like this!

  2. jlcappel says:

    Thanks for the update! Makes me even more grateful that Auvi-Q is back and safer than ever!!

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