Auvi-Q vs. EpiPen?

A debate that I’ve had with myself since having to purchase these medications each year. Here is my best list of pros and cons to each. If I missed anything, please comment and let me know!

Pros and Cons to Both Auvi-Q and EpiPen

Pros Cons
Available in a two-pack along with a free trainer injector to be used for practice. Both injectors expire quickly. They have about 12 to 18 months of life, which goes very quickly!
It is recommended that you carry two of either injector with you at all times. Both need to be disposed of responsibility at a doctor’s office or hospital. They cannot be thrown away in the trash when expired.

Auvi-Q Specific

Auvi Q.jpg

Pros Cons
There are audible directions when unit is opened. The product was voluntarily recalled in 2015 by Sanofi due to malfunctions and potential inaccurate dosages.
The injector has a more convenient package and is easier to carry in a wallet or handbag.
You can currently purchase an Auvi-Q two-pack with $0 out of pocket. This is a way for the product to get out on the market and for Auvi-Q’s consumer affordability plan.
The only epinephrine injector with a retractable needle after the dosage is given for product safety.

EpiPen Specific


Pros Cons
The standard product that is most well-known. The EpiPen size is inconvenient, oddly-shaped, and large.
The pen is a generally reliable product and was the only one on the market for a long time. There are many cost issues with the EpiPen. A very large scandal occurred in 2016 where the price of an EpiPen two-pack rose to $600! Since then, the price has dropped due to a $200-$300 coupon.
 After an EpiPen is administered, a cap/cover slides over the used needle for product safety. EpiPen has recently been in the news due to improper dosing, multiple product failures and hospitalizations.

As you can see, no product is perfect… which is honestly amazing because it’s one goal is to be “lifesaving”. In my opinion, the number of malfunctions should be zero.

If I’m choosing my favorite, it has to be the Auvi-Q. I’m always a fan-favorite of the underdog, and I think the benefits of this product outweigh the standard EpiPen. In a case of unconsciousness, the Auvi-Q would give a bystander instructions of how to administer the epinephrine. The size difference is important, and the shape of the Auvi-Q is more convenient.

As I mentioned in the chart, Auvi-Q currently has an affordability program that is delivering Auvi-Q two-packs to allergy sufferers for free. I just had mine delivered last week! I will mostly be bringing four Auvi-Q injectors and two EpiPens with me to Australia.

What product is your favorite?

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