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This week has definitely been “recovery-mode” for me! After Homecoming at my University last week, I felt so under the weather. Hence the absent post on Monday morning! I think I’m close to being back to normal self. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what’s going on in the allergy world:

#NoAppetiteForBullying Campaign

No Appetite for Bullying.jpg

I just had to share this infographic about food allergy bullying. While the statistics initially seemed very high to me, I realized I never experienced growing up knowing about my food allergies. I think my opinion could be a little different if I had gone through that.

However, I am a believer that food allergies make and break friendships. I’ve bonded with friends over my diet regimen, struggles with ordering restaurants, and my research at Children’s. I’ve also distinctly remember breaking friendships after really harsh food allergy bullying in high school! So yes, I’m a huge supporter of #NoAppetiteForBullying.

Food Allergen Detector Receives Venture Capital Funding

It looks like “Detection On The Spot”, or DOTS, is determined to provide real time testing to foods that may or may not contain allergens. The goal is to place a sample of your food into a vile that will inform you if allergens are present. It seems like a brilliant concept, and I would be one of the first to use it! They predict that other companies will begin testing similar ideas like this in the near future.

Viaskin Peanut Phase III Trial Falls Short


This update is a pretty personal one. I participated in Viaskin Peanut Phase I and II with DBV Technologies. While there is promise that the peanut protein patch can be valuable, the improvement percentage for study participants didn’t increase as significantly as needed for FDA approval. The cutoff threshold would have been met with an additional two patients “performing” better in the peanut food challenges. It’s sad to see that the research I participated in may not make it to FDA approval, but I guess that means it is time for me to re-enroll in a new study!

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  1. jlcappel says:

    Wow! The bullying infographic is really eye opening! One could guess that kids would try to capitalize on anotherโ€™s weakness, but the percentage of adults that bully kids with food allergies is startling! We have to do better when it comes to any type of bullying!

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