On My Allergy Radar

To my school friends, happy Homecoming weekend! It will be crazy and fun, for sure! But first, here’s what I’ve found this week to keep on your allergy radar.

1. Stricter TSA Rules Regarding Carry-On Foods

TSA has confirmed tightened security on carry-on items, particularly foods. As allergy-sufferers, bringing snacks on airplanes is a necessity! Allergic Living suggests to pack all of your snacks in a large Ziploc bag to keep them together and better avoid them from touching the scanner. It also makes them easier to maneuver in and out of your luggage. One traveler recently had every single snack swabbed, extending security time and increasing the risk of an allergen coming in contact with the food when being tested. Be mindful of this for any upcoming travels!

2. SpoonfulOne Has Launched


You’re probably wondering what SpoonfulOne is – I was too! It’s a monthly subscription box containing a mixable powder with small doses of the eight most common allergies. This is given to infants as a way to prevent food allergies later in life, and SpoonfulOne was developed after a national research study was conducted.

3. Q&A With An Allergist

A New York allergist, Dr. Sicherer, sat down to answer some allergy-related questions that we typically forget to ask our own allergists. It was a thought-provoking read that gives an overview of some of the answers you will find in his new book, “Food Allergies: A Complete Guide For Eating When Your Life Depends On It.” One point he mentions is having teens practice using an EpiPen with an empty needle to prove they are actually able to stick themselves in case of an emergency.

4. Skyline Chili Social Media 

BONUS: One of my favorite nut-free restaurants posted a photo of me and some friends eating at Skyline! Today will mark my sixth day in a row eating at Skyline. I’m going for seven to make it a #perfectweek!

skyline post

Adventure awaits,


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