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I hope everyone has had a great week! On Monday and Tuesday, my school was on fall break which was super convenient and allowed me to get caught up on all of my work. However, I sometimes feel that short weeks are longer than my normal weeks! I think it was because it was my most stressful week of the semester, so I’m happy to bring on the weekend.

This week’s allergy radar follows up on previous blog posts of mine!

“Love” Ingredient Bakery Owner Responds

Last week, you may have seen the article on my post, “On My Allergy Radar”, about Nashoba Bakery. They listed “love” as an ingredient on their bakery items, but failed to follow FDA guidelines on actual food ingredients. The owner of the bakery has written a formal statement about the action steps his company is taking to ensure the products they sell carry the correct labels. It’s great to see the company retraining and educating their staff members on allergy issues. However, it’s still a bit bittersweet for me because it brings up the point of society’s ignorance to allergies.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom – Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Teal Bag.jpg

Even Disney is pairing the spirit of Halloween with food allergies! I recently saw an article listing the Halloween rules at Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disney and decided to do some more digging on their teal bag policy. If a child has food allergies and participates in Mickey’s trick-or-treat fun, they should grab a teal bag to show staff members that precautions need to be taken. Instead of picking up candies around the park, they receive special teal tokens to redeem for prizes. Of course Disney World has it all figured out! 🙂

New Epinephrine Administering Smartphone Case 

Smartphone Case

Back to my previous post on how I travel with my Epis, I know for many that it can sometimes be a total pain! Epis weren’t created with the convenience factor in mind. It looks like three young adults started a business to combat this issue. While many approvals need to occur before this comes to fruition, this smartphone case would be a dream come true! In the near future, this company will being selling a smartphone case, Alula, that can hold birth control pills. They are hopeful for a patent and FDA approval to bring the epinephrine case to the market.

Enjoy the weekend! I’m hopeful for fall weather next week!

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