Halloween is Coming! Are You Prepped?

‘Tis the Halloween season! The grocery shelves are full and people are stocking up on their candy. I’ve never been a huge Halloween fan, to be honest. Maybe it’s the thought of people dressing up as clowns that gets me a little freaked or the thought of paying money to get scared at a haunted house! Not my forte.

One fond memory of Halloween that I do have is sorting my candy after going out trick-or-treating! I always had so much fun with my sister and cousins grouping the candy by type and trading our least like for our most favorites with one another. I also never had a problem with handing of my Butterfingers to my grandma. 🙂 At the end of the night, we’d pack up all of the candy in our pillowcases again and it would last for months!

I think I really lucked out in terms of Halloween, though. By the time I found out about my peanut and tree nut allergies in seventh grade, I had passed the trick-or-treating phase. I never had to worry about reading the labels throughout the years. I always avoided the peanut candies and that was that!

Over the past few years, some really cool allergy initiatives have popped up for Halloween. If you’ve never heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project, you must check it out!

In conjunction with raising awareness of food allergies, by placing a teal pumpkin outside of your house, you are committing to passing out non-food treats for Halloween. It makes for a much safer and healthier Halloween!

Teal Pumpkin.png

If you are still a craver of treats and snacks, that’s okay too! Snack Safely has created a Halloween 2017 guide to all the treats and snacks you could want. After running through their list, I’m realizing that I haven’t had a lot of the allergy-friendly brands that they mention. However, I am a huge fan of MadeGood snacks! It’s funny – I have tried both SunButter and WowButter in high school and didn’t like them! My family thought they were great substitutes, but since I grew up hating peanut butter, the consistency, texture, and taste was too much for me to handle!

I’ve added in the guide here in case you haven’t done your shopping yet.

Don’t get too spooked this October!

PS – The two most missed Halloween candies for me would be Three Musketeers and Almond Joys! Both SO tasty!

Adventure awaits,


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