How I Travel with My EpiPens

One of my least favorite parts about developing my allergies was the new idea of having to carry around my EpiPens. The night after ordering and picking up the new pens, I vividly remember going to Skyline Chili with my family and begging my mom not to bring it with us in her purse. My biggest fear at the time was the thought that the EpiPen would jump out and stab me! It sounds so silly now, but at the time, I was entering a whole new world and this was a brand new beast.

After a few days, I began warming up to the idea of traveling with the Epi. My mom always carried two in her purse (and still does today!) and I would take two whenever I was not with her. The worst part of carrying them these days is the inconvenience of the size! I always have one Epi in my wallet and the other in my backpack (for school) or my purse (for work or going out).

Wallet Vera.png

Vera Bradley // I use the RFID Georgia Wallet from Vera Bradley which is large enough to fit one Epi. I always have a purse anyway, so I just throw my second Epi in there.

Wallet CarryNine.png

CarryNine // I’ve recently found a new company called CarryNine which is working to provide stylish options for carrying two EpiPens. I think the Double EpiPen Wallet is super cute and would be perfect for my trip! They also have some male carrying options, but I don’t know how well those will be received.

Wallet Amazon.png

Rescue Shot Case // For a cheaper option, I found this Epipen Medication Wristlet Wallet on Amazon.

Girls definitely have it easier than guys when it comes to this! For the male allergy sufferers out there – what tricks have you found for carrying around your Epis?

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