On My Allergy Radar

Today I’m realizing that my study abroad trip is officially two months away! It’s crazy to think that my semester is almost over and the most wonderful time of the year will be here! After returning from my trip to Australia, I hope travel domestically with my family for a bit before getting back into the grind of working. Cheers to lots of travel coming soon!

Here’s what should be on your radar this week:

Sydney vs. Melbourne


I think this graphic is hysterical! Before my mom sent it to me, I didn’t realize that there’s a bit of a rivalry between the two cities still today. (Quick history lesson – The capital of Australia is Canberra because these two cities couldn’t decide which should get the title. Canberra is halfway between the two and pretty barren in terms of occupants and visitors.)

I can see myself with the same traits as both of these guys so I can’t decipher my best city-fit yet! It looks like I’m going to have a complete wardrobe shift halfway through my trip! Any guesses on which city I will dig more?

FDA Has No Love for Nashoba Bakery


I’d never heard of this bakery before, but the FDA sure has. It seems the owner is enjoying his time in the spotlight from the news portraying him as someone who just wants to spread love. He recently listed “love” as one of the active ingredients in his granola and fails to see that it isn’t actually real. (hmm…) Come to find out that while adding “love”, he left out a lot of other key ingredients…aka some of the eight most common allergens. The FDA has sited the bakery on multiple violations. While I “love” the effort on the marketing strategy, it may have just backfired. Not cool.

Take 2!


This is a good reminder for you and for me! It is important to stay vigilant and until there is a cure, carrying two EpiPens is your only lifesaver in the case of an emergency. I’ve gone into anaphylaxis three times and needed two doses of Epi each. 🙂 Don’t forget to carry two!

Adventure awaits,



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  1. jlcappel says:

    I think you will be a Melburnian!

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