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Hello Friday! It’s been a whirlwind week in terms of my blog! Because of my upcoming travels to Australia and my post, “Allergies in Australia – Fast Facts”, my blog is now referenced on AllergyTravels.com! Be sure to check it out.

Second, I was back at Children’s Hospital Research Medical Center this week for my monthly Research Participant Advisory Council (RPAC) meeting. Because of my involvement with allergy research three years ago, my family and I are working to improve the research process through RPAC. It’s awesome to stay connected and have a small influence on allergy research, even when my schedule doesn’t currently allow for me to participate in a study.

RPAC group photo
This was from the first RPAC meeting in January 2015 – ha!

To keep you up to date, here is what you need to know allergy-wise this week:

Training School Staff to Administer Epinephrine

This is an editorial piece posted on Snack Safely that addresses a serious issue that is faced in grade schools and high schools. If I go back to my high school days, I never carried around my EpiPens to my classes or the lunch room; they were strictly in the nurse’s office. When I was a senior, I held a training session for my staff, administration, and teachers so they could learn how to use an EpiPen. I’ll never forget the pride I felt when the school lunch lady attended! She was so thrilled to learn the basic steps in case of an emergency and I felt like I had made a small impact. I think this training is something that should be seriously considered at all schools, especially in the case of an emergency when the nurse isn’t around to help.

General Mills Introduces Peanut Butter Cheerios

Whenever I’m at the grocery store with my mom, it’s always nerve-wracking to see new “peanut butter” products from mass distributors like General Mills, Kellogg’s, Quaker, etc. These new products are usually a sure sign that labels will be changing and made in a factory that also produces peanuts/tree nuts usually brings about a sad day. This time, it seems like we will luck out! General Mills is producing this new flavor in a different facility – yay!

Southwest Airlines removes Woman with Fatal Pet Allergy

There have been many of these articles in the news recently about people being removed from airplanes for various reasons. Despite your view, I think it’s important to note that the woman had fatal allergies and she saw a potential issue with two animals on the flight. She was removed because she wasn’t carrying paperwork to prove her allergy. I guess this would be something to consider for my trip to Australia, but I’m not sure what paperwork that would be… any suggestions besides EpiPens and a doctor’s note? It seems strange to me, but I can understand why!

Have an allergy-free weekend!

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    The team at @AllergyTravels is really enjoying your blog! Looking forward to more updates as you plan for your big trip to Australia. How exciting!

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