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Allergies in Australia – Fast Facts

Photography by Philip Heidenreich

As my trip to Sydney and Melbourne gets just a little bit closer, I’ve started to get a basic understanding of the allergy culture in Australia. Lucky for me, food allergies are just as prevalent in Australia as they are in the United States so standards are in place for product packaging for the allergic consumer.

Here are five quick facts that I learned related to allergies in Australia:

  1. The most common allergies for adults that can cause anaphylactic shock include peanuts, treenuts, and shellfish (yay, same as me!).
  2. If epinephrine is administered or in case of any emergency, dial 0-0-0 for help.
  3. All packaged products must declare if any of the nine most common allergens are present in the item. However, like the US, it is voluntary to include precautionary statements such as may contain or processed in a facility with.
  4. A recent study shows that from 2005 to 2013, Australia has seen a 50% increase in the number of of hospital admissions due to anaphylactic shock. This is further proof that allergies are becoming more and more prevalent.
  5. MyID is a new ID bracelet that is tailored to the Australian market. Allergy suffers can link their vital emergency information to this ID bracelet through the Internet. It’s looks like a Fitbit, but it’s linked to a free online service that can be accessed by emergency personnel.

On a lighter note, when my research switched from food to entertainment, I realize I have only a few months to convince my parents (and grandparents) on the greatness of the Sydney Bridge Climb. Maybe dawn, maybe dusk, but a definite yes!

Adventure awaits,


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