On My Allergy Radar

Hello! Happy weekend!

This week has certainly been eye opening this week… through lots of research and reading comments from other allergy sufferers who are very knowledgeable on these subjects, I’ve discovered a revelation about my first topic on my allergy radar… more research to come.

Reminder: Follow up with the Product Manufacturer…


According to Snack Safely, a manufacturer has no legal obligation to put a may contain warning on their food labels. I’ve actually never heard of this and I think this is a common misconception. Never have I received warnings from anyone in the medical field that this was a possibility. Because of the detailed nutrition that must be provided, the assumption is easily made that if a may contain warning isn’t present, you are safe.

Relief Efforts after Hurricane Irma

FARE is working closely with food banks in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida to provide allergy friendly foods for those who were impacted by Hurricane Irma a few weeks ago. I’ve always found these gestures to be so kind and I’m glad that FARE has created a cause for this niche group. South Carolina is very near to my heart and after Hurricane Matthew destroyed part of my home away from home last year, I can understand the devastation that these people are experiencing.

10 Year-Old Brother Saves Sister from Anaphylactic Shock

If you haven’t seen this, it’s a touching story of a younger brother being very aware of his sister’s allergies. Educating others on allergies and anaphylactic shock is SO important. Kudos to well-trained paramedics and her intelligent and proactive brother. Another reason to wear your allergy necklace!

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