Packing Your Travel Kit – Allergy Style

The middle of the week always has me dreaming of traveling. I think it’s also because I’m ⅓ of the way through my semester of classes which means I’m that much closer to my traveling abroad! While I’m still a few months away, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about my next time on a plane…

Today, I’m sharing what I always pack in my “survival kit” while traveling by airplane. You would think that traveling is easy for everyone. Steps include buying a ticket, boarding the plane, and enjoying the ride to your next destination. From someone who copes with allergies, sometimes the plane ride can bring the most anxiety. If you think about it, you never know who just got off the plane before you. Maybe their service dog was sitting in the last traveler’s lap or they just enjoyed the nice bag of peanuts provided by the airline and the dustings now cover the seat, tray table, and seat belt. Each of these scenarios can make me cringe.

While it’s scary, I’ve created my survival kit to make that flight a little less unpleasant. If you are headed out of town, don’t forget to pack these items in your carry-on!


EpiPens // This should be a given. Anywhere you go, bring your EpiPens. They really could save your life at any moment. I always recommend bring at least two EpiPens with you wherever you go. There are many times when a reaction is so intense, a second dose of epinephrine may be need before medical attention can be given.

Disinfecting Wipes // Any germ killing wipes will do. I always try to preboard any flights that I am on in order to disinfect my entire seating area. This includes the seat belt, arm rests, back of seat, tray table, and window. This proactive step always makes me feel a bit more comfortable (and cleaner)! Most airlines are typically okay with allowing you to pre-board if you ask!

Benadryl // This is my allergy medicine of my choice. In case of an allergic reaction, it is a good idea to try allergy medicine prior to using an EpiPen to subdue the symptoms.

Skittles and MadeGood Snacks // It is always important to have snacks for the plane ride just in case you can’t eat the snacks provided by the airline. Both of my favorite snacks are free of the eight most common allergens.

Travel blanket and pillow // On red eyes and international flights, a blanket is always provided to guests. I prefer to carry my own things to opt out of having to use an item that could have touched something that could make me have a reaction. Bringing my own blanket and pillow makes me a bit more comfortable on the plane ride. Follow the link for my favorite travel pillow/blanket.

Purell Hand Wipes // These wipes are always nice to have after you finish disinfecting the seat and surroundings. It is also good to wipe down in between snacks and meals while on the plane.

Water // You never know when you may need to take medicine on the flight. To be sure you can get access to liquids in case of an emergency, bring your own water bottle. It also will help you to stay hydrated on the flight!

Is there anything else you would add to the list?

Adventure awaits,


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  1. Headphones & an eye mask – especially for those long, international flights!

  2. Lauren Pachman says:

    My snack go-tos are different because I’m only allergic to soy, but I bring a bunch (like, at least enough to eat one each day I’m gone) of soy-free granola bars on all my trips.

  3. My cousin packs a kit so similar! Its great you are sharing, for people who need to start doing things like this – it can be scary! Like it was for him.

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