Why I Wear an Allergy Necklace

Photography by Philip Heidenreich

When I was first diagnosed with allergies in seventh grade, it was recommended by my allergist and many allergy-related websites to get some variation of Allergy ID jewelry. I think the most common version you will see is the bracelet, but I opted for the less conspicuous necklace. I went to a local jeweler to get the back of the alert necklace engraved with my personal allergies.

One major benefit to having an allergy alert necklace is the universal signage it provides. Especially when traveling and facing the possibility of a language barrier, having a medical alert identifier is important in case of an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. The scariest thought for me is if I am traveling with people I do not know or who aren’t familiar with my allergies. In case of a serious emergency and the threat of unconsciousness or inability to communicate, the necklace provides some clarity to the situation and alert respondents. My allergy necklace literally speaks for me when I am unable to explain my situation. While the allergy alert symbol may not be the most fashionable piece of jewelry, it certainly can be lifesaver!

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